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Purple Creative designed a visual identity for the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, a new range of ‘game-changing’ Glenfiddich whiskies borne of experimentation and collaboration.
"The identity represents a visual narrative of each experiment – graphically capturing the authentic journey from light bulb moment to final product – which will naturally change with every experiment. The visuals are a wonderful story-telling mixture of portraits, signatures, tasting notes, hand-lettering, photography, scientific equations, technical drawings, diagrams and key messages. We hope it’s beautifully eye-catching and expresses the diverse personalities behind each experiment."

To help capture the experimental stories and character, I was commissioned to write key expressions in a fluid and spontaneous way.The thumbprint was made by creating a template of a real thumbprint, set loosely with holding place typography to make sure that the copy all fitted in without any gaps. Then I traced the shapes with different styles of handwriting to represent the twenty whisky collaborators and pieced it back together on screen like a puzzle. The artwork was around a metre squared.”

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